CuroSchool Ultimate ERP software for School

Students and Parents can pay the school fees using CuroConnect’ integrated online school fee payment system

CuroSchool has every feature you will ever need to run your school efficiently

  • User Friendly Interface

    CuroSchool is very easy to understand and navigate. Due to its simple, spontaneous and user friendly design flow, any one from school or Parent can use it without any issue.

  • Website Integration

    CuroSchool can be easily integrated with school website so that School staff as well as Parents/Student can login to CuroSchool from the school website.

  • Web based Access

    CuroSchool is a web based application hosted on Cloud which takes away all the inconvenience of school to invest on setup the infrastructure. Only thing school need now is few machine(s) with just an internet connection and you are all set to experience the top-notch ERP features.

  • Data Security

    Cloud hosting of CuroSchool not only benefits you with ZERO spending on Infrastructure cost but also secure your data from the fright of Server crashing, Loss and theft of data. We guarantee you security of your data on our secure remote servers.

  • SMS & email Integration

    CuroSchool has ability to send SMS and email alerts for any specific occasion or to pass on any information to parents. Application has feature to define message template once and use it further. Also students & staff can be grouped based upon different criteria.

  • 24X7 Access to Application

    CuroSchool is hosted on cloud so it can be access 24X7 with no failure. Parents and Staff can remotely access the application from anywhere & any time. School faculty can mark attendance, post examination marks & homework while on the other hand parents can also check attendance, results and assignments online. Management can also keep an eye to school operations remotely.

  • Data Backup

    Data Security is a prime concern for us thus we have mechanism to run background job to get backup of entire database on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

  • Document Management

    Curo School has ability to store soft copies of all important documents of staff as well as students in highly secure system. These can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by authorized persons only.

  • Access to Student & Staff Information

    All students and Staff information is just one click away in CuroSchool. Easily and quickly navigate to desire information helps Front Office person to perform their job efficiently.

  • Visitor Management

    Visitor management is a unique feature in CuroSchool to keep track of all visitor/guest visiting the school. It also generate gate pass for visitors which helps security staff of the school to avoid any unauthorized person enter in to the school premises.

  • Role based Access to application

    CuroSchool provide provision to access the ERP application based on roles and access defined for staff member. Every staff of the school will be allocated a User Type at the time of registration and access will be given based on User Type of the staff.

  • Up-to-date Attendance System

    Using CuroSchool attendance of student and Staff can be entered on daily basis/period wise in just one click. Parent can also keep a track to their kids whether they are attending classes or not. On the other hand school management can also generate attendance reports and save papers.

  • Time Table Management

    Time table management is a powerful feature of CuroSchool. It is very simple and efficient. Various rules can be defined to make sure complete utilisation of school faculty and allot subject and period accordingly. It also has capability to allocation of substitution teacher if any teacher is not available for a particular day. Parents can also view time table of their child online anytime.

  • Fee Management

    With the help of CuroSchool, Fee management has become pretty effortless now. Fee slips can be generated for entire class in just one click. It gives provision of imposing fine on late payment and carries forward the dues. It handles both cash and cheque/DD payment. Management can also keep track of all dues.

  • Transport Management

    Student safety while travelling is a great concern now a day. CuroSchool is incorporated with a portal for organizing transportation. Parents have facility of accessing route maps, boarding points and timings of school buses.

  • Transport Delay/Emergency Alert

    CuroSchool has ability to send SMS alerts or push notification from school App in case of any emergency situation. These alerts can be send based on any predefined groups which can be a class or students travelling on a particular route.

  • Publish Assignment Online

    CuroSchool reduce redundancy of work. Now teachers can publish homework or holiday assignment online. It builds clear and fast communication with the parents. Parents can simply download the homework from anywhere anytime.

  • Promote students to higher Classes

    Promoting students to higher classes is quiet simple with CuroSchool. You just need to select students need to be promoted and in just a single click, you are done with promoting entire class to higher one.

  • Publish News & Notices online

    This feature of CuroSchool is very useful for students and staff both. Any new news or notice from school side can be publish from here and will be available to view to desire audience online.

  • Leave Management

    This module is really useful for HR department to keep track of leaves of staff. There is also a provision to mark leave for students which plays an important role to calculate student’s attendance.

Simple, Comprehensive & Easy to use

Integrated School Management Software to meet your needs.